Plant Health Care Services

ArborScape's plant health care service plans are professionally executed to prevent insects and control disease. This is how we make a qualitative difference in your outdoor space.

Our goal is to keep trees and bushes lush and beautiful by keeping disease away and fending off encroaching pests.

When you hire ArborScape, a plant healthcare technician will examine your tree for undesirable insects and lack of nutrients in the soil, determining the health program that will help your landscape look its best.

Your qualitative PHC scorecard measures improvement in,

canopy cover

bark and leaf appearance

branch flexibility

Ways we quantify your improving tree appearance and health include, 

year to year apical growth (in inches)

measurement of moisture in the soil

DBH growth.

These are important measures of root health or what's happening beneath the ground. We also can arrange soil testing for an additional charge. 

Articles About Key PHC Services

Tree fertilization

Tree fertilizing in Denver can be tricky, thanks to our arid climate.  While in normal years, tree fertilizing helps. In especially dry years, you risk burning out the leaves. Consistent tree fertilization allows your trees to better provide their own natural defense against insects and disease.  Read the rest

Tree insect control

Tree insect control only begins with an infestation of insects, fungi, or other diseases affecting your trees' overall health and beauty. A yard or campus that hasn't been maintained will be more prone to aphids, beetles, and mites, all causing bark and leaf loss. Read more