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Winter Tree Services

Winter Tree Services Have Always Been A Hard-Sell, Partly Because Our Customer’s Attention Turns Elsewhere After That First Snow Of The Year And Partly Over Confusion About When Is The Best Time For Tree Care.

Since Starting ArborScape In 1996, I’ve Developed Deep And Trusted Relationships With Many Of Our Customers. And As That Has Happened, More Trust Me When I Tell Them How Important Winter Watering Is.  More Of Our Lawn Customers Trust Us That Winter Mite Control Will Help Their Lawns In The Summer. More Understand That Dormant Oil Is Best Applied When It’s Cooler To Prevent Burn-Out Of Foliage And Flowers. And Many

This Trust Was Hard-Won. While It Benefits Their Trees And Lawn To Adopt Recommended Winter Services, I Also Like To Think It Reflects The Growing Trust That Our Clients Have In Our Opinions And Practices.  Adopting Winter Services Mark The Culmination Of Their Trust In My Company.

One Of The Biggest Obstacles When A Customer Begins Working With Us, Is That We Know More About The Timing Of Tree Care Then Other Tree Services They’ve Worked With. Even Though I’m An ASCA Consulting Arborist, I’m No Genius. Far From It. But As Someone Who Does Know A Lot About Tree Care, I’ve Observed That Many Tree Services, For Whatever Reason, Don’t Give The Whole Story About Timing. It’s Likely Because Of Concerns About Scheduling With The Resources They Have Instead Of Scheduling With The Best Tree Care In Mind.

What The Benefits Of Expertise Look Like

At Any Rate, There Is An Education Process That Goes On, And We Are Frequently Telling You Things That Differ From What Most Other Tree Services Have Told You. Thus, It Can Be Unsettling For Customers As They Realize That Things They’ve Been Told About Their Trees Aren’t Always Or Never Were, True.

It’s Not That We Know More But I Think We Care More To Figure Out How To Make The Best Practices Work For You. I Take Pride That Our Teams Do More With The Knowledge They Have.  While A Customer May Be Uncertain About, Well Literally Everything About Winter Tree Work, As The Seasons Go By And Their Crabapple Tree Thrives, And Their Trees Look Way Better After A Winter Of WateringAnd If Their Grass Responds Much Better After A Winter Mite Treatment Or Pre-Emergent Weed Control Treatment, They Are Able To See What The Benefits Of Expertise Look Like.


Trusting A True Professional 

What Happens With Me And My Team Of Arborists, I Think. It Takes Customers A Little While To Figure Out If We Have Integrity And The Ability To Care For Their Trees. We May Recommend Services That You Haven’t Heard Of And We May Be More Particular About The Type Of Treatment And When It Needs To Happen.  We May Disagree With What Another Local Tree Service Has Recommended. So You’re Not Sure If We Are Solid.

This Process To Trust Can Take Several Years. But The Adoption Of A Winter Service, I Think, Represents A Culmination Of That Trusting Relationship. In Other Words, We’ve Arrived In The Eyes Of The Customer, At That Point.

– David Merriman – Operations Manager

Colorado Spruce (Picea Pungens)


There are a lot of conifers that grow well in Colorado. Colorado Spruce (Picea pungens) is in the pine family and is probably the most popular here in Colorado.

They grow to between 40-60’ in height and have a spread of around 25’.


Other names that this tree goes by are Blue Spruce or Silver Spruce. It is pyramid-shaped with the wide lower branches touching the ground. The needles are bluish-green to silver-blue, with the bark starting as grayish-brown that turns to reddish-brown with maturity. Moist clay soil is the best for Colorado Spruce to be grown in, with plenty of sun and medium to high elevation.


The possible problems that this type of tree faces is cytospora canker, Spruce Budworm, and needle fungus. The soil around the spruce will become very acidic, so planting near it will usually be unsuccessful.


This tree is great for privacy and covering up objects that you would rather not see (ie. telephone poles, electric boxes, etc), because of the density of the foliage. The Colorado Spruce is a good windbreaker* and a popular nesting place for birds. It is low maintenance once established and grows at a slow to medium rate, with a good lifespan.

10th Grade Career Expo

10th Grade Career Expo hosted by Lakewood Department of Forestry!

This event was spectacular as the students experienced tree climbing in a safe and controlled environment. The goal is to afford the students a chance to get acquainted closely with the life of an arborist. ArborKong the company’s revolutionary equipment made this moment possible and ArborScape is honored to be part of this event. Thanks to the Lakewood Department of Forestry.

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